10 Cheapest Web Hosting Providers In The World

10 Cheapest Web Hosting Providers In The World

Today’s we are going to discuss the top 10 cheapest web hosting providers in the world. A good web the host is a must for all websites and blogs but that doesn’t have to cost you an arm and the leg to date we have tested several web hosting sites. you some of the best low-cost hostings plans we have found online these companies provide the cheapest way to host a website if you were looking for a budget solution.

10 Cheapest Web Hosting Providers In The World.

10. Inter-Server.

Cheapest Web Hosting Providers

Inter-Server self deemed easy-to-use cheap hosting provider inter-server specializes in shared VPS hosting dedicated and colocation hosting solutions to things I like the most about inter-server number one the company do not increase their price after the first term

Inter-server shared hosting plans are locked at 5 dollars per month and number two they allow users to host unlimited domains at below 5 dollars per month these two factors made inter-server the easy choice when you plan to host multiple low traffic websites in one account for more than five years pros of inter-server rock-solid server performance hosting uptime above 99.97%based on our record Sigma price five dollars per month locked for life while others increase their price after the first term

Technical support 100% done in-house host unlimited domains and email accounts free site migration for all new customers cons of inter-server that does not provide free domain name it provides server location in the United States only the company build and run their own data center in New Jersey.

9. Motion Hosting

10 Cheapest Web Hosting Providers

Motion Hosting is reliable features rich and affordable launch plan starts at three dollars and ninety-nine cents per month. it allows users to host two websites and comes with a free domain SSH access PHP seven support full support and con and Ruby and $150 free advertising credits but for us users only what’s more.

if you are first-time customer folks at in motion hosting will help migrate your site for free admittedly. In motion, hosting does not offer the cheapest plan in town but they are the best hosting provider and overall based on my experience pros of in motion hosting.

it has a solid server performance uptime is higher than ninety-nine point nine five percent you will get a free domain name for the first year it has a good live chat and email support that gives free site migration for first-time customers entry-level plans called launch is packed with all necessary features to host a business website ninety days money-back guarantee is offered by companions of and motion hosting prices will increase during renewal you will have the choice of server locations in the United States only.

8. HostPapa.

10 Cheapest Web Hosting Providers In The World

HostPapa is post Papapersonally I found host pop of an okay host they are not the best but their cheap price tag is definitely a huge plus considering. The cheapest plan also comes with free domain name 100 GB storage and 120 free pre-built site templates pros.

Hosts Papa recent server uptime performance meet industry standards uptime is higher than 99.98% you will get a free domain name on Cignait is a reputable company with good business track record BBB accredited business with an A+ rating you will experience helpful live chat support itis an eco-friendly hosting which will reduce your carbon footprint cons of

Hosts Papa it has a lack of options in server locations host in Canada only it offers expensive renewal fees starter plan costs $7.99 a month after the first term

7. A2 Hosting

Cheapest Web Hosting Providers

A2 Hosting is fast reliable and cheap their shared hosting comes in three flavors Lite Swift and turbo Lite the cheapest plan. This company allows users to host one website 5 databases and 25 email accounts.

You wouldn’t know light as a budget plan by looking at its features full SSD storage accesses our sync FTP FTPs get 10 CVS ready no-js’ and can support and-configured for best WordPress performance.  All these for 3 dollars and 92 cents a month pros of a two hosting you will experience excellent server performance that is a risk-free site anytime money-back guarantee entry-level plans called Lite is packed with all necessary features to host business the website.

you will have the choice of server locations in the United States Europe and Asia company offers plenty of room to grow users get to upgrade their servers to VPS cloud and dedicated hosting cons of a two hosting you are allowed to host only one domain per account their live chat support not available for 24/7.

6. WebHostFace.

Cheapest Web Hosting

WebHostFace is the cheapest hosting plan named as value starts as low as a two-point ninety-five dollar per month. we like a fast web host budget plan for its price and security features. you’ll get basic hosting facility plus doze protection when you signify on their value plan pros of the fast web host.

you will find free dose protection and Cloudflare CDN they are offering the free domain name for first-year. It has a reasonable renewal rate the same plan renews at five-point $95 per month after the first term. you will have the choice of server locations in UnitedStates Netherlands India and Hong Kong it has a full range of hosting solutions for upgrade VPS dedicated and managed.

WordPress plan cons of fast web host you can host only one domain with 20 GB disk space per account you will experience low priority support and server resources when you subscribe to the cheapest plan.

5. Green Geeks.

Cheapest Web Hosting Providers In The World

This company’s roots lie in North America and have served over thirty-five thousand customers with more than 300 thousand websites have an eco-friendly company. it is dedicated itself to leaving a positive energy footprint and replaces used energy with triple the energy credits that are used but that’s not all on top of being environmental-friendly.

Green geeks are also very budget-friendly their all-in-one 300 percent green shared hosting plan costs only two-point $95 per month that signup pros of green geeks it is environmentally friendly 300 percent green. it provides excellent server speed rated a and above an all speed test web site has more than 15 years of proven business track record.

it offers free domain name for the first year also provides free sites migration for new customers this site will well worth the money two-point ninety-five dollar per month to host unlimited sites one account with daily backup cons of green geeks we see customer complaints on billing practices a non-refundable $15 setup fee is charged during purchase and the price increases to a nine-point ninety-five dollar per a month after the first term.

4. TMD Hosting.

Web Hosting Providers In The World

TMD hosting for first-time customers TMD shared plans start at 2.95 dollars per month a 60% price cut from the standard renewal price. This company has been around for over ten years and has for data centers spread across the United States and an overseas data center in Amsterdam

TMD hosting you will experience great server performance it has easy-to-use user dashboard that offers60 day money-back guarantee they offer big discounts for new signups you can search latest coupon codes on Google you will have a selection of six hosting locations that is a Weebly ready hosting excellent customer supports is also a good feature.

Con of TMD hosting auto backup the feature can be better-priced hike after the first term if has standard CloudFlare only.

3. I Paige.

10 Cheapest Web Hosting Providers

I Paige founded by Thomas gurney in Burlington Massachusetts, I Page has been around since 1995 based on domain Whois records, however, the company didn’t gain recognition until it got acquired and rebranded endurance international group.

I page all-in-one unlimited hosting plan named essential allows users to host unlimited domain and email account the cost of hosting multiple domains in one account with I page is cheap sign up at 1.99 dollars per month and renews at 7.99 dollars per month.

Pros of I page you will see a 75% discount on signup you are allowed to host the unlimited domain name in one account. They offer a free one-year domain for new customers it is a newbie-friendly hosting sites of I page their prices jump to 7.99 dollars per month when you go for renewal it has limited website builder features that are only six pages users can only host their sites in the United States their website help portal is not helpful at all it does not support con job SSH access and SFTP.

2. Hostinger.

Web Hosting Providers In The World

Hostinger offers a wide variety of hosting services ranging from the advanced with VPS cloud hosting plans to beginners who just want to get started with shared hosting. Hostinger cheapest plan singles priced at zero points a dollar per month at the price less than a dollar. you get to host one website with 10 GB disk space and 100 GB bandwidth plus innovative features like advanced con jobs curl SSL Marya DB and nodb database weekly backup stuff.

you don’t usually get from a budget hosting plan if you are willing to pay slightly more Hostinger premium shared hosting plan starts at 2.15 dollars comes with free bit ninja smart security which protects you against tech success DDoS malware and a number of other cyber attacks and mail assassin which protects you from spam mails pros of Haast injure it has a solid

This hosting performance uptime is higher than 99.98%speedtest is a plus it offers up to 90% discount on signup single plan start at 0.80 dollars per month their server is optimized for best WordPress site performance

They are giving free site migration for first-time customers, they have innovative features support curl con jobs Maya DB and not you will get free bit ninja smart security for the premium plan which cost you two point forty-five dollars per month cons of Haast injure their hosting prices increase after the first term you can host only one domain per account they are not giving access to SSH SFTP for a single package.

1. FastWebHost.

Top 10 Cheapest Web Hosting Providers In The World

FastWebHost cheapest hosting plan is the incredibly low price at sign up their cheapest plan face standard costs only 0.69 dollars per month at signup the plan comes with 15 GB disk space RV site builder free CDN SSHaccess and daily backup pros of web host face that is extremely cheap only 0.69 dollar per month during sign it has acceptable server performance average hosting uptime are above 99.9%.

You will experience excellent live chat support they provide secured hosting environment which is built-in doze mitigation and brute-force detection you will have a choice of server locations in UnitedStates Europe and Asia they have a full range of hosting solution for upgrade VPS and dedicated hosting.

WebHost faces they allow only one domain per account their price increases 10x when you go for renewal that is 6.99 dollars per month that do not provide the free domain name to be considered as budget hosting.

Hosting plan should not cost more than $5 per month but wait the cheapest hosting plan might not be right for you there are a number of factors you need to consider when choosing a web hosting service price is only one of these factors there are also other criteria such as hosting uptime server speed security features software version aftersales support etc that you need to look into a good budget host should come with sufficient server resources to host at least 1,000 visits per day website.

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